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Drone Sortie Mavic Pro2

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is the process of capturing photographs of the Earth's surface from above, typically from an aircraft or a drone. This type of photography provides a unique perspective, allowing for the capture of large-scale images of landscapes, cities, and other features. Aerial photography is often used for a variety of purposes, including urban planning, surveying, cartography, environmental monitoring, and capturing stunning visuals for artistic purposes. The technology used for aerial photography has advanced greatly in recent years, making it more accessible and allowing for the capture of high-resolution images with minimal distortion.


An aerial photoshoot with a rather stressful conclusion.

Lessons learnt:

A proper preflight checklist should be adhered to ensuring a full charge on drone, controller and video monitor

Incident report:

Area identified for the photoshoot: #IleSeche at the exit from the #SaintAnne Channel.

No available fixed platform

Decision to use bimini cover on unachored boat as take off and landing platform (bad decision because it is mobile surrounded by water)

A minute or so after take off the video monitor went dead due to 10 percent charge state. Lucky to get it activated again. Managed to take a few pictures.

Landing back with a severe time constraint onto a moving platform proved rather challenging. The boat not only drifted away from the reference point but was also in constant motion due to the living sea, motion in all dimensions, rather wobbly including the pilot

Got it in safely, thanks to a bit of flight experience and luck👍🏝

See the size of the moving landing pad. Elon Musk must have nerves of steel

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