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When it's Raining and Pouring: Tips for Staying Cozy and Productive Indoors on a Tropical Island

Rainy days on #maheIsland

Curl up with a good book in a cozy spot, listening to the rain. It’s an ideal time to get lost in a captivating story. and create a cozy movie marathon with tropical-themed films. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the rainy ambiance and check out what to wear when the sun is up!


Want to know a bit more about Indian Ocean clouds?

In the equatorial Indian Ocean, you typically encounter various types of clouds associated with the region’s climatic conditions. These include:

1. Cumulus Clouds: Fluffy, white clouds with flat bases, often seen during fair weather.

2. Stratocumulus Clouds: Low, lumpy clouds covering the sky, sometimes indicating potential rainfall.

3. Cumulonimbus Clouds: Towering clouds associated with thunderstorms, capable of producing heavy rainfall, lightning, and strong winds.

4. Altostratus Clouds: Gray or blue-gray clouds that often cover the entire sky, usually preceding storms with continuous rain.

5. Nimbostratus Clouds: Thick, dark clouds that bring continuous, steady precipitation.

The equatorial climate contributes to dynamic cloud formations, and the Indian Ocean’s warmth and moisture create conditions for a variety of cloud types throughout the year.


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