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One year in the Indian Ocean (just a few degrees South of the equator)

How quickly a year flies by....12 moons came and went

One day in Mahe

The weather is almost always perfect. Its warm but after a while we acclimatise

Next stop Beau Vallon

At Beau Vallon you find the longest beach on Mahe. There you will also find juicy big pizzas for take away or to enjoy right on the beach, in the restaurant. They open their doors, well no doors at 6, can't wait!

Cloud Formations

CLOUD FORMATIONS See the new Menu on the Main Page.

'Clouds' to follow. Various cloud types are visible here on the Seychelles.

How quickly a year flies by....12 moons came and went. .lus. Cirrus formations are very common and of course nimbostratus that is associated with rain and often with heavy downpours, not to mention cumulonimbus that come also with the natural beauty in the form thunder and lightning. See the below "picture of the day" showing a few cumulus clouds forming and/or dissipating.

A full year has come and gone since our arrival on the Seychelles.

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Dec 13, 2021

A blue sky Monday on Mahe


Dec 07, 2021

pouring with rain...might have to make a change of plan

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