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Hurricane Freddy (Eleven)

Hurricane Freddy and Hurricane Eleven are actually the same storm, and the reason it has two names is because it was tracked by two different agencies using different naming systems.

In the Atlantic basin, which includes the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is responsible for naming tropical storms and hurricanes. The NHC assigns names to storms based on a predetermined list of names that is reused every six years. For example, the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season included names such as Ana, Elsa, and Ida.

However, other agencies track storms in the Atlantic basin as well, including the United States Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC). The JTWC uses a separate naming system that assigns numbers to storms based on their order of occurrence during the season. So, for example, Hurricane Freddy might be called "Hurricane 11" by the JTWC because it was the eleventh storm of the season.

In summary, Hurricane Freddy and Hurricane Eleven are the same storm, but they have different names because they were tracked by different agencies using different naming systems.

Hurricane Freddie now holds the record for longest duration after Hurricane John in 1994 that lasted for 31 days

Damage caused on #Bazaruto Island Mocambique. #mocambiquechannel by #HurricaneFreddie

Charging bay for Golf Cart. #IleBazaruto. #HurricaneFreddie #HurricaneEleven


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